Welcome to the 22th season of the Nine OL’s Golf League at Bradford Country Club.

More fun to be had this year. We have 19 people in the league this year. WHOHOO!!!.
We playing yearlong SKINS match plus tournaments.
The season will begin with the first league match held on April 28th.
The league will play for 19 weeks ending September 1st.
Remember, try to let the group know in advance that you can not make it.  It will save your fellow golfers from waiting on the tee box.
If you do not tell us then you are responsible for the greens fees. Dues and prize money are non-refundable. 
See you on the April 28th, 2022 for our first official outing!!! 

Schedule and T-Times

Schedule for the league is on the website. Foursomes are grouped by T-times, but are very flexible. We will alternate front and back weekly

  • Position 1. 4:20 pm
  • Position 2. 4:30 pm
  • Position 3. 4:40 pm
  • Position 4. 4:50 pm
  • Position 5. 5:00 pm


League Format and Standings

The Skins Tournament: The season is broken up into three distinct regions. We will be playing “SKINS”.
Each hole is worth a dollar value: See Prize Money Page. Note: the skins value may change throughout the year depending on rainouts and tournement money awarded.
As with any “SKINS” game we will play “One tie all tie” with handicaps.
An exaggerated example:

Phil (in group 1) birdies hole 3 (fat chance) and is not getting a stroke. TomC(in group 3) pars hole 3 (again, not a real example) but is getting a stroke. Every one else gets 7’s and 8’s (more realistic) Since Jack tied Phil for low score on the hole, no one wins the hole and the $2.00 is carried over to the next hole, making the next hole worth $4.00.

Standings will be published each week with ranking by Prize Money won. Handicaps make this wide open and probably favor the high handicapper a little, because every so often you just get lucky and par a hole.

Weekly Low Net: We will also have a winner for “Low Net” each week.
The person with the Low Net for the week will be awarded the equivalent of 2 skins.

As always in the skins format – “one tie all tie” will apply to Low Net also.
If two golfers tie for Low Net, then that prize is carried over to the Low Net for the following week.<br>

Tournements: We are planning three tournement weeks throughout the season. Scramble in Week #6, 2-Person Best Ball in Week #12, and a Scramble to end the season in Week #18.

LeagueStandings: Standings are based on total prize money won. League champion will be the golfer with the most prize money at the end of the season. The Champ will be awarded an awesome trophy, a hand knitted sweater( by one of our new league members no less), ala Masters Jacket and get their name engraved on the Plaque.

Calculation of handicaps:

Handicaps will be taken from either the players USGA handicap or their handicap. For new golfers without USGA handicaps, handicaps will be calculated by the following formula:

Golfers will start at 15 and will be adjusted on a weekly basis from there until a USGA or myscorecard handicap is established.<br>

Unique Course and League Rules

Winter rules apply until June 1st; balls can be rolled over in the fairways and rough due to spring conditions.

After June 1st – only balls on the fairways can be rolled over.

For all weeks:
For people with handicaps above 15, you have the option of playing from the other side of the hazard (1 stroke penalty) so that you do not have to hit over the hazard again. This will speed play and limit the amount of golf balls that will be lost. . For people below 15, you must hit from before the hazard, but after 2 balls in the hazard you have the option of playing from the other side of the hazard.

No Handholding rule: Under no circumstances will any handholding be allowed on the golf course for any reason. Violations will incur a two stroke penalty and a copious amount of verbal abuse.